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Prior to JUCF, most of the children enrolled in the program never received any Healthcare due to lack of family income. GBTN has established a comprehensive Healthcare program. GBTN pays entirely for this needed service and provides the staff to implement it.
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Goals Beyond The Net believes that education is of paramount importance for children. Education ensures future opportunities for improving their living conditions. Goals Beyond The Net is committed to having all children within our Jacmel United Football Club attend school. For children unable to attend due to financial reasons, GBTN provides educational scholarships that cover the administrative fee, uniforms, and monthly tuition. One hundred percent of our children in JUFC are attending school.
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Character Development:

Goals Beyond The Net has identified 13 attributes that are essential for an individual to possess strong moral character. Each month JUFC focuses the character development discussions on one specific attribute. Utilizing thethirteen attributes to guide one's thoughts and actions, strong moral character is nurtured and developed. Woven through each of these attributes is the concept of accountability and fortitude.
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The average income in Haiti is two dollars a day. A large number of Haitians have no income, so many impoverished mothers depend upon the kindness of the community and sponsored feeding programs to feed their children.

Our first initiative has been working with a local agronomist to create gardens for self sustanence.
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