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Goat Program | Garden Project

Goat Program:

Through our Empowerment Program, GBTN ‘s strategic vision is to create a sustainable food source and income for the JUFC families. Sixty percent of our families have no income with the remaining making less than $2 U.S. per day. Many of our families are composed of single mothers with multiple children and no income.

Julia Leggette, a 16 year old from Virginia, has committed to spending a year in Haiti to develop our Goat Project. She began her project by personally purchasing goats to begin the herd. Currently, we have 6 goats with 4 goats expecting babies in the spring. Julia is thrilled with this project. She feels like she is making a substantial impact on the lives of these families.

When asked why she wanted to take on this project, she stated, “I have seen poverty and starvation first hand. My kids in this program live in severe poverty with minimal, substandard shelter and unfit water to drink. Most of my kids don’t eat every day and are malnourished. If I can eliminate their hunger, I will have given the greatest gift to humanity.”

As our Community Outreach Director, Julia is responsible for selecting families and educating them on the care and breeding of goats.

After a family’s goat has reproduced, the first and third goats are kept by the family. The second goat is given to GBTN, and the fourth goat is given to another family in JUFC. The families involved in the Goat Project must understand the concept of the long-term financial gains of compliance with the program model.

This a really exciting project for GBTN. As we continue to buy goats and receive donations, it is projected that in five years 100% of the JUFC families will have a sustainable source of income and nutrition through the goat program.

Julia's Wish List:
Goats and more goats!

Click here to purchase a goat


Garden Project:

Goals Beyond The Net's mission is to improve the economic status of the children within the Jacmel United Football Club (JUFC). The average income in Haiti is two dollars a day. A large number of Haitians have no income. Many of these impoverished mothers depend upon the kindness of the community and sponsored feeding programs to feed their children. Many children only eat one meal a day. Some children may not eat at all during a given day. Addressing the income issues of the JUFC mothers will translate into improved living conditions for the children. Thus, the Empowerment Program was established. GBTN is developing sustainable agricultural projects and economic ventures that will alleviate their severe poverty.

Working with a local community leader in the Monchil area of Jacmel, GBTN identifies JUFC mothers with no income. Goals Beyond The Net, along with a local agronomist, investigates the feasibility of garden projects. Based upon space, soil quality, and water accessibility, a garden is then designed.

Here is one of the gardens completed for a JUFC mother. The agronomist planted two types of cabbage, swiss chard, tomatoes, carrots, sweet peppers, and eggplant around Onise's home. Within several months she had crops to harvest and food to eat. As the garden continues to flourish, it is the expectation that Onise will have a small crop surplus which she can then take to the local market for sale.

If you'd like to contribute to this worthwhile venture, please visit our Donations & Sponsorships page.

Goals Beyond the Net
P.O. Box 231475
Centreville, VA 20120

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