The inability to receive an education in Haiti continues to plague this country. In rural parts of the country approximately 80% of children do not attend school. Within the urban areas, an average of 50% of the children are not attending school. Public schooling in Haiti is minimal. The majority of Haitian children must attend private schools to receive an education. Usually this creates a great financial burden on a family. Not only is there a monthly tuition fee, schools require new uniforms and an administrative fee every fall. Families who are struggling to feed themselves must forego an education for their children.

GBTN believes that education is of paramount importance for children. Education ensures future opportunities for improving their living conditions. Goals Beyond The Net is committed to having all children within our Jacmel United Football Club attend school. For children unable to attend due to financial reasons, GBTN provides educational scholarships that cover the administrative fee, uniforms, and monthly tuition. One hundred percent of our children in JUFC are attending school.

English School for JUFC Students GBTN is also committed to eliminating the economic disparity created by the lack of fluency in English. The better-educated Haitians are fluent in Creole, French, and English. To acquire a government position, a position in the tourism sector, or an office position, one must be French or English speaking. Goals Beyond The Net is striving to ensure our children in JUFC have those opportunities.
Partnering with a local pastor, Goals Beyond The Net has established an English School for its JUFC members. GBTN sponsors top scholars to attend our English school with the future goal of 100% enrollment.

Please visit our Donations and Sponsorships Page to learn more about opportunities to sponsor a child for an education and/or sponsor a child to attend English school and help provide opportunities that may change the lives of these children living in poverty.

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