Donations & Sponsorships

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Help us reach our goals on and off the field. Volunteer your time or talents or donate to one of our many funds to support these amazing Haitian children and their community.

General Operating Fund:
• Employee Salaries ($3000 month for coaches, directors, laundress)
• Travel Expenses ($2000 per person/trip for administrative and training needs)  
• International Shipping Expenses  
• Office Supplies & Advertising ($250 month)  
• Purchase a Kawasaki 2 Seater Mule (for transporting our children to the clinic for medical care and to transport potable water to all league practices and games. - Cost plus shipping and customs expense)  
• Purchase a Pick-Up Truck ($20,000 for transporting food & supplies)
• Purchase a Generator, Inverter and Solar Panels
($25,00 for Facilites and Field Complex)
• Build Perimeter Cement Wall ($20,000 or $50 per block)  
• Land Purchase Fund ($100,000 for fields & academy)  
• Building Facilities and Soccer Complex ($140,000)  
• Medicine/Vaccines ($250 per child/year)
Opportunties Through English:
• English School Scholarships ($400/yr. per student)
Academic Scholarships:
• Haitian Education Scholarships ($450-$660/year)  
• Individual Uniforms ($120)
• Team Uniforms ($2,880 - avg. roster has 24 members)  
• Coaching Supplies (balls, whistles, cones, etc. $500/team)  
Goat Program:  
• Goat Sponorship ($85 per goat)  
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Goals Beyond the Net
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Centreville, VA 20120