Julia Leggette
Community Outreach Director



Meghan Mace
Outreach Director, Tennessee

Meghan played for the nationally ranked Brentwood Soccer Club's Real Madrid and won State Cup eight times. She graduated from Franklin High School, in Tennessee, with high honors in 2008. In high school Meghan volunteered at St. Bartholomew's Church where she helped feed homeless men and women in the Nashville area.

Meghan attended Arkansas State University where she played soccer collegiately for four years. She graduated cum laude in August 2012 with a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. During her college years Megan participated in several volunteer opportunities including visiting the elderly in hospice, painting public parks, and taking part of the massive cleanup and rebuilding process of her hometown after the devastating flooding in 2010. Also, during her senior year Meghan was an intern at the Vanderbilt Dayani Center for Health and Wellness.

Upon graduation, Meghan has coached a U-8 boys soccer team and the Junior Varsity Girls team at her alma mater, Franklin High School for 4 years. In 2014-2015 Meghan coached the U/11 Girls for the Tennessee Football Club.
She was a research assistant for Dr. Saori Ishikawa in a study correlating elderly women's bone health and daily activity.

Currently Meghan is attending medical school at DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrodate, Tennessee. She is the Outreach Director of Tennessee for Goals Beyond the Net. Meghan has successfully established a partnership with the Tennessee Soccer Club, organized donation drives, and is networking with other organizations to facilitate partnership opportunities.

Romual Pierre
In-Country Director

Romual is responsible for player development in the Jacmel United Football Club (JUFC). He attends all practices and assists coaches with training strategies. He is also responsible for conducting weekly Coaches' Clinics to enhance our coaches knowledge. In addition to his Director duties, Romual conducts weekly goal keeper training and coaches two teams in the JUFC.

Romual Pierre is originally from Jacmel. Romual trained with the Haitian National team when he was on the U/20 team. He is currently the director of a radio station and an evangelical leader of the (HDR) radio alarm time, 93.7 FM. He played soccer as a goal keeper and also midfielder on several teams. His coaching experience includes working for Save The Children in 2010 as a coach. During that time, his team won the championship and he was selected as Best Coach of the Year 2010-2011. Romual's goal is to continue to develop his knowledge as a coach and trainer. Using this knowledge, Romual wants to prepare JUFC to compete at the international level.

Willygton André,
Special Projects Director

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Dimy Médé,
Healthcare Director

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Richardson Domond
Ethics Director

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Joel Paul, Community
Director for Sustainability

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Eddy Toussaint
English School Teacher

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Antonio Michel
Field Director

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Sofia Olmstead

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Sofia is currently student at Wakefield School in the Plains, Virginia and was awarded the Archwood Scholarship upon her arrival freshman year. She has been playing soccer since the age of 4 and continues to competitively play. Sofia is motivated in making an impact for Goals Beyond the Net through her passion for soccer, and her vision for leadership.

Gracie Sacripanti

Gracie has been at Wakefield School in the Plains, VA for 12 years and is now currently a Junior. She enjoys art, music, and sports, her favorite being soccer. She is interested in learning ways in which to make education and healthcare available in impoverished countries, which is what originally interested her in Goals Beyond the Net.

Allegra Solari

Allegra is a student at Wakefield School in The Plains, Virginia. Her family is originally from Argentina, but have been living in the United States for about 11 years. Allegra's favorite sport is soccer, and has played for Wakefield and for clubs outside of school for a number of years. Apart from soccer, she also enjoys horseback riding and reading. Soccer was the reason she initially became interested in Goals Beyond the Net.


Catherine Zontine

Catherine has attended Wakefield School for thirteen years. She enjoys playing soccer and volleyball in her pasttime. Catherine is the middle child of five, and loves to work with children.

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