Character Development

Goals Beyond The Net (GBTN) has identified 13 attributes that are essential for an individual to possess strong moral character. In our Character Development Program, the Ethics Director in the Jacmel United Football Club (JUFC) works with each team on a weekly basis to educate our scholar athletes.

Each month JUFC focuses the character development discussions on one specific attribute. The Ethics Director leads these discussions along with engaging the scholar athletes in role-playing scenarios. At the end of the month, the athlete from each team who best demonstrates that particular attribute is recognized.

Moral Character
means that an individual lives his/her life using the principles of right and wrong behavior along with the goodness of human character. Utilizing the following thirteen attributes to guide one's thoughts and actions, strong moral character is nurtured and developed. Woven through each of these attributes is the concept of accountability and fortitude. The colloquial phrase "he/she talks the talk and walks the walk" captures the essence of what Goals Beyond The Net expects each scholar athlete to demonstrate.

Thirteen Attributes Demonstrating Moral Character:

Commitment is dedicating oneself to an activity or a cause. Making a promise to do something and following through demonstrates commitment.

Community Responsibility
As a part of a community, you have a responsibility to participate in activities that benefit the community. You are to cooperate within the community and show respect to others as you work on activities that are benefiting your community. These activities are an opportunity for volunteerism.

Compassion is the virtue of showing empathy for others. It is more than the feeling of caring; it is the action of helping someone who is suffering or in need of assistance.

Ethical Decision Making
Decision-making is made with a conscience. When making decisions, you exam the situation and determines what is right. Ethical decision-making is "doing what is right, not what is easy". You use his/her moral code to make decisions.

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Being thankful. Gratitude is expressing your thanks and then returning the kindness through words and action.

Honor means to be honest and fair in your actions.
"Live your life with honor." Every decision you make, every action that you take should reflect honor.

You live your life with honor and strong moral principles. Your actions demonstrate your integrity.

Leadership is the act of leading or directing a group. You inspire teamwork by "leading by example." The group wants to follow your direction because you have motivated them in a positive way.

Mentorship is the act of helping to develop someone with less knowledge or experience. You share your knowledge, give guidance, and provide opportunities to help that person develop the knowledge or skills.

Personal Responsibility
"You are responsible for your actions." You also recognize that with every action taken, there is a consequence.
"Every action has a consequence." You take ownership for your decisions and actions.

It means valuing each other's points of views. It means being open to being wrong. It means accepting people as they are, even with different values and beliefs.

Service is the act of giving. Service gives you the opportunity to help others.

Work Ethic
Having a strong work ethic means that you believe in the moral benefit of work and its ability to strengthen character. You recognize the importance of working hard to achieve your goals.

"The only person holding you back is yourself."

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