Our Donation Heroes

Very Special Thanks to Recent Donors:

* An anonymous donor who honored GTBN with a very generous gift, which provided the initial fundraising foundation for our organization

* ZT Systems for a substantial corporate sponsorship supporting our education and empowerment programs

* Cameron Davidson of Cameron Davidson L.L.C. who traveled to Jacmel and took beautiful portraits of the JUFC children (soon to be displayed on our updated website)

* Water for Life graciously donated a well, so our children have unlimited clean water

* Soles-4-Souls has partnered with us to provide 250 brand new pairs of shoes

* The Lafayette Women’s Lacrosse for building a home for one of our families

* Jess Rothstein and Josh Caton for repairing homes and building team benches for our field

* Our U.S. Team Captains during our fundraising campaign for sponsoring our teams

* Our multiple mission groups who have come to Jacmel to work with our kids, contributing many donations, including their time, talents, and love

Previous Donations:


Maddy Brill

Jake Byers


The Mustangs Soccer Team

Jess Rothstein, Lafayette College

Kristen Watson, Princeton University

Equipment Donated by the Mustangs Soccer Team

This Division 1-U14 girls age group team was started by Head Coach Tom Trotto (pictured left) and Assistant Coach Jeremiah Fiel (pictured right).

The girls are hard working, but still find time to have fun and laugh at their mistakes as they continuously strive to improve their skills.

The team was grateful for the opportunity to donate their gently used uniforms and gear to the Haitian children that love the game just as much as they do. It would be wonderful to someday see the strides the Goals Beyond the Net program is making first hand. Keep up the great work!

We would love to add your group or organization to our Heroes Page! Please contact us or visit our Donations & Sponsorships page.

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Goals Beyond the Net
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